Saturday, January 16, 2010

Showing Some Button Love

Hello Friends.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

My daughter is a teenager now, but I'm just now getting around to scrapping these photos. (I have larger prints from this photo shoot framed and hung, but I never scrapped the proofs.) But, I kind of like how that worked out, because the second page of this 2-pg LO (which is not quite finished, so I havent photographed the 2nd page yet) has a current photo of her...and the overall message is that time flies (hence the clocks)--one minute they are a baby, and the very next minute they are in high school, and you're looking at colleges.

Sadly, the pictures are awful, really awful. I didnt start this 2 pg. LO until after dark, and I dont have a light box. I apologize. BUT, I'll finish the 2nd page tomorrow, and take new photos of them both in the daylight.

What you cant see is that this is using textured CS, and sanded, so it really looks like canvas/fabric and the vintage vibe looks SO much better in person. The "Love" is painted with Pearl Paint, and looks very pretty in person.

Products are all CTMH except the 2 ribbons under the photo.


The buttons are all ctmh, and so are the pearls. (which, as you may have noticed, I LOVE. I hope they put them in the regular line up! I'm running out...yipes.) Buttons have waxy flax as thread.

The LOVE is made using the Rustic Alpha and painted with pearl paint.

The tree and the sentiment below it are from Grown W/ Love Stamp Set.

The clocks are from Make It Count Stamp set

The flower is made the same way as I made the kissing ball ( directions a few posts below)...only I just glued a few of the circles together and then flattened it, and inked it. The papers for the flowers are the same as the kissing ball. ( I made the flower that same day, but just hadnt used it until today)

CS: Vanilla Cream, Bamboo

Ink: Bamboo and Choc.

I guesss that's it. If I forgot anything, just ask.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Love your button tree!

  2. Just gorgeous! I'm a new follower. :)

  3. Thank you sweet ladies.

    And welcome to my tiny little corner of the blogosphere. It is so nice to have you visit and spend time with me.

    Hugs and gratitude,