Friday, January 15, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand, and Getting To Know Each Other...

Hello Sweet Friends.
Happy Friday!
How are you today?

My wish for you this day is that you are happy and healthy and living an inspired, love-filled life, the life you want to live.

Quick Side Note: My heart is breaking for Haiti. Please send good thoughts and prayers for Haiti...and money if you can possibly spare even one dollar. (I gave to the American Red Cross on Wed. morning, but Doctors Without Borders, President Clinton's foundation, and many other reputable places can be found online. Please do your research, as you want to give where ALL your money goes to help them, and not towards fundarising and salaries etc.) My heart is breaking for that poor country and its people.

Okay, Back to our Creative Journeys! I am working on lots of art and decorating today, which I will share with you later today and all through the weekend. I'm in quite the productive artsy mode today!

Right now I want to take a few minutes and answer a fun list of questions I've been asked recently (thank you for the emails and comments!) in hopes that we can all get to know one another better.
I hope YOU will copy and paste these questions and give us YOUR answers in my comments section, and/or link to your site (I havent learned how to do links yet *sheepish grin*, but I am open to directions and learning--hint, hint!) we can all get to know one another and what sparks our creative engines to life.

So here we go!

What is your Scrapbooking/Crafting Style/Tradmark(s)?

Overall I would say vintage/shabby chic/romantic. I like to paper-piece and use of layers. textures and (duh) GLITTER/Glam!

What is your Creative Process?

Hmm...well, we're talking paper art, and if we're talking scrapbooking, then I start with the photos I want to scrap. (unless I have new pretty paper, then I may start w/ the paper and either find pix to match, or take pix to match). I try and make sure my paper and embellies match the photo(s) vibe/feel as well as matching the colors.

If it is a project/home decor project I am usually inspired by a need or seeing something that inspires me, that I want to re-create in my own way.

As for cards, I try and make cards specific to the person I intend to send it to, and the mesage I want to convey. I usually start by pulling the stamps I want to use, then the papers and embellishments.

I rarely use sketches for anything. I usually prefer to just wing it and see where it all takes me. Though, there are exceptions, for sure. I am not above lifting a design, or being blatently inspired by by someones elses work.

Do you listen to music while your papercraft? If so, what is your playlist?

YES! I LOVE music and I usually do listen to music in my studio (or even when I'm cleaning the house, driving or writing) and try to choose music to suit the mood I'm after.

My favorite bands/artists to scrap to right now:

~Owl City (happy, fun, light and creative)
~Regina Spektor (my go-to girl. I heart Regina, she inspires me on so many levels)
~Brand New
~Nina Simone (soul, blues, pain, love, melodic)
~Ella Fitz. (duh, she is full of the awesome)
~Death Cab for Cutie

And these MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS ALWAYS work to inspire creativity in me (you wont be sorry):

*the soundtracks to:

French Kiss (terrible movie, but love the soundtrack);
500 Days of Summer (awesome movie and even more awesome soundtrack);
Once (LOVE THIS MOVIE and their music!)

Favorite tools/supplies?

INK and GLITTER/Stickles...and pretty Paper and Ribbon and Buttons. And sharp scissors.

Favorite Color Combo?

pink and browns; pink and black; white, cream and pink; pink and green...pretty much pink with any other color(s). Aqua blue. The colors of nature.

Tell Us 3 Things/Confessions About You that few people know:

1) I'm a clean freak, but struggle a bit at organizing. (I love a clean house. HATE dirty germy places.)

2) I NEVER wear socks. Not even in the winter. Yuck. They freak me out. (summertime I can be found barefoot, high heels or in flip-flops. Period.) Socks in bed is WAY worse than fingernails down a chalkboard! *shudder*

3) I'm very sentimental and tend to name (and nick-name) everything/objects: cars, appliances, plants, blankets, pretty much anything loved gets a name. Bessie, my vehicle, is part of the family. Brown Betty (brown fleecy blanket) is a favorite. Elizabeth, the trailing gardenia, well, she's pretty and she smells good. I love her.

Other hobbies?

Reading, gardening, traveling (my soul is a french gypsy and/or a surfing beach bum), laying in the sun on the beach, reading about traveling France and living in Paris, photography, etc.. I have a lot of hobbies and interests, so I wont further bore you here.

If you had 3 Wishes (for YOU)?

Aside from world peace, world health, world tolerance, no hungry/suffering children...and also the obvious hitting the lottery for millions? Hmm, I would still really like my aforementioned peace and lack of poverty, sickness and hunger... and my daughter living a joyful, healthy, long life.

But, going with smaller scale/possible wishes I would like to live on the beach again; live in Paris for one year; travel Europe for a several months.

I hope you will play along and let us get to know you too.

Lots of artwork, and decorating my house photos on their way.



  1. I LURvE your bLoG!
    So glad we found eachother in the blogisphere! We are certainly kindred spirits!
    Style? Just like you...vintage, eclectic, glitter, shabby, sweet, repurposed...
    Process? Whatever, whenever-usually when I have a deadline to meet!
    Music? samples at
    Favorite supplies? Buttons, CTMH how to books, ribbon, lace, punches, paper, paper, paper...
    Fav color combo? Whites, creams, browns, pinks, robin egg blue...
    3 things?
    Just like you,
    1) organized chaos/rarely cook/love to bake. A sucker for cupcakes, cookies and tea.
    2) I secretly want to be good at belly dancing, I love dancing in general, way more fun than boring exercising. (I love my warm socks, we differ there!)
    3) I'm more sensitive, especially at criticism then most realize.
    Best Friends are my daughters.
    Other Hobbies-I'm a music therapist-I love to sing, play guitar and write music.
    3 wishes besides world peace and no hungary or homeless? Never having to worry about money, weightloss and staying healthy, growing old gracefully with dignity and respect....leaving a lasting legacy that my family is proud of. (I live on the beach, been to Europe and would love to go to Paris and Italy!)

  2. We are indeed kidred spirits. 'Cept that sock thang. Ewww. ;o)

    I LOVE your blog!

    I LOVE that you have Bob Marley on your playlist!...we heart him around this house. I only wish he had lived longer to put out even more music.
    In the summer, a margarita in my hand, sunshine on my face and Bob Marley doesnt get much better.

    I dance every morning as my (only) excersize! (cuz I hate a 'real' work out. BORING.) Right now I'm really into dancing to the Fame Monster CD (by lady gaga) and occasionally alternate that with Britney or Shakira and/or Beyonce and/or J.T.--I try to shake it for 45 minutes...but usually wimp out around 30 minutes.

    Thanks so much for "playing" and letting me get to know you a little bit more.
    Thank you for being.
    Make it a great rest of your week!

  3. I posted my answers on my blog