Thursday, January 7, 2010

Romantic Paper Kissing Ball for Valentines Day (or Holiday Ornaments) aka Cheryl's Unique Technique of the Week!

Hello Friends!
Are you staying warm and cozy? I hope so.

Please grab a toasty cup of coffee, or tea/hot cocoa and spend some time with me today.

So, I got to thinking (always dangerous)...and this thinking started not because I'm frugal ( nah, I'm totally a spender fo sho), but rather more that I'm so in love, so smitten with pretty , pretty paper, such a hoarder of the prettiest of them (*my precious*, she says in a scary voice with arms wrapped tightly around her precious papers *I likes my precious*)...yeah, so pretty paper and also pretty ribbon (velvet ribbon and lace ribbon makes me swoon and lovely harped music goes off in my head, the angels call to me to BUY)...and I will hang on to the very last tiny scrap of *my precious* good paper.

... (back to the thinking part) I sat in my messy studio today thinking of ways to use all my little scraps and bits of paper that I refuse to throw away. (I throw away scraps of paper I can replace, just so ya know I'm not weird or anything. Well, not that weird anyway. I hope.)

So, using some scraps of papers I like, but can replace, I decided to experiment. (not willig to experiment with the fancy stuff)

I created several unique projects of which I am pleased with the outcome. Today I will share my Kissing Ball/Ornament with you and how to make one for yourself. I hope you like it.

I made this trial one fairly small, and this picture with the Conn. Club Pearls will give some of you an idea to the scale/sixe of my little ornament ball. It is 3" in diameter ( ish).

*( remember to click on the photos to see the up close details)

Ready to Make One? Let's do it!

Supply List:

paper (I know, duh)
circle punch
stylus (to score the circles)
white/clear Tacky Glue
cord/string/ribbon (to hang it)
optional: pearls/rhinstones etc.

(you could even put little triangular photos on it)

I used a 1 1/2" circle punch (you can use any size, in fact, I think a 2" would be perfect) and you will need to punch twenty (20) paper circles to make the ball.

I used four or five different papers ( all ctmh), because those were the scraps I had laying around that I was willing to "ruin" if this didnt work as I planned (I have more and can order more), and I liked these scrap colors together. You could use all one color or just two colors (i.e. red and green for Christmas ornaments), or whatever floats your boat. But 20 is the magic number of circles you will need to punch out.

Then I fiddled (technical term) around a bit and made a fairly decent triangle out of one of the circles (this took a few tries...I am SO not an engineer...I will not lose my little triangle. I hope.), which I then used to trace as a template on to the back side of each circle. Then using my ruler and dry emboss stylus, I scored over the pencil marks. ( you wont have to erase the pencil marks, they wont show)

Then fold your circles on the score lines. ( see photo above)

Then I used an old cheapo (from a kids set) watercolor paintbrush and "painted' the glue on and put it together. I start at the "top" and build around & down. Before you seal the last of the bottom pieces, stick your ribbon/holder thru the top little hole.

It is an easy project.

When it was all put together I dabbed more glue on each "intersection" and added pearls. ( the sticky they come with isnt strong enough to hold onto the thin edges of the paper.)

Oh, the ribbon could have been looped, but I chose to leave it one long piece. (I used a little dab of the glue in its hole to reinforce it)

On a side note, here is a quick (blah) card I made. I dont really like it, and this picture makes me like it even less. But it was fast. The hearts are felt. That's all I have to say about that. (I shouldnt even post it...I will be ripping it apart and using the buttons on something better) But, I figure it's good to let people know that we all make things we dont end up liking. Art is all about experimenting.

Creative Blessings to you,



  1. Cheryl,
    Very impressive! I came to your blog from the consultant BB and am so glad that I did! I will bookmark and come back again! This kissing ball is just beautiful! You explain it well enough that I believe even I can make one and I just love your "chatty" style!


  2. Sharli,
    You are always so sweet and generous with the kind words. Thank you.
    Please have a delightful weekend!

  3. oh my god, the ball is beautiful! i will try it as soon as possible :)