Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Inspiration Challenge and Subsequent Creation

Oh Hello Creative Friends,

How are you this lovely winter's day?

I wanted to talk about Inspiration today.

I am inspired (at least hourly) by SO many things...

country farmers markets
vintage items/antiques, time worn with love
love and emotion
(where do they go? who has walked through that one before? what's behind it?)
and, yes,
blogs, catalogs and magazines...

because there are SO many talented, creative people out there!

...the list could go on forever...inspiration is all around us.
There is so much beauty everywhere, even in the sad and painful things, moments and places.

I am inspired to write, read, give, do, feel, imagine, decorate, improve, wonder, create, dream...constantly.

Confession: I think I may be a Decorating Magazine Addict (among other things)

I LOVE decorating & gardening magazines, and cannot part with them!!
I have years worth of Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Romantic Homes, BHG, Southern Living, Country Garden, Coastal Living, etc. etc., --stacks upon stacks, shelves upon shelves of them.
I adore them.
Even some catalogs I cant part with...Anthropologie catalogs are beyond dreamy and delicious!

(I cant be the only YOU salivate and hoard magazines too?)

I decorate with books part of the still life's around my home. Stacked on a table with a vase of flowers. So pretty.
(I'll post those pix another day)

I often use the magazines (and their ads) to inspire my decorating, but also in creating art.

Sooo, on that note...

I thought I'd do a Weekly PHOTO Creative Challenge...beginning today!

YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it, is:

interpret, any way you wish, the above Tiffany ad, into something creative.
Then share your creation with us by linking us in my comments section.
I will choose one each week to post here on my blog.

Here is my interpretation:

My friend's cousin passed away from cancer in his early 40's this week. It has hit the family hard. The viewing was yesterday, the funeral is today. I decided to make my friend this card.

Supplies ( I cant stop the underlining?? Sorry!):

CTMH txt. cardstock in Breeze and White
The wings: I just hand drew one and then traced it twice and cut it out. ( I dont have the right size winged stamp or chipboard, so I made do)
Then I painted it w/ pearl paint and then stickles.
Silver heat embossing for text.
I did a lot of sanding of the CTMH (white core)txt. cardstock.
Silver Sharpie paint pen borders the breeze blue CS.
I guess the rest is self explanatory.
I used some scraps ( you know I like to use up those scraps) of pretty paper by ROLLING them and glueing them down.

I hope you will play along with my Challenge!

Feel free to share it with friends...creativity and sharing is part of the fun.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Puppy Love (the furry love of my life) and Wishing I was at CHA

Hello lovely friends,

I'm working on a scrap LO using Brand New papers from CHA, and my sweet puppy (she is 6 years old, so not exactly a puppy anymore, but doesnt she still look as cute as any puppy? ) is always laying at my feet while I work. I just had to show you who really rules this house. (Please forgive me for boring you with non-artwork cuteness. *blush*)

To make this post artwork related: Have you seen the new Tim Holtz stuff?? OMGoodness!! And Tattered Angels/Heidi Swap?? And Websters? And Basic Grey?? MM?? I am gonna be poor, poor po!

The Product coming out of CHA is sickeningly full of the AWESOME!! Poor I say. Ramen noodles for the rest of my life, so I can get me some goodies.. (Bren, you're still there, right? Are you taking pix for us? I Lurve the booth displays! hint hint.)

My Wish List is LONG. L-O-N-G!

What's on YOUR list?

xo Cheryl

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Copic Tips and a Cute Card with layers

Hello Sweet Friends!

How are you today?

It is still raining here, as you can tell by my dark pictures.

Anyway, I thought I would do a little Copic Tutorial(ish) especially for those of you that are still very newish to using them.
There are a lot of AWESOME video tutorials on YouTube, just search for copics. And there are far better, more talented copic artists out there than me! ( so please go view them, and note what I am about to share are just my personal tastes and what works for me)
But, even after I direct people to YouTube and other places, I frequently get direct emails asking many of the same questions, so I thought I would go ahead and give my two cents/thoughts/tips. I have been using them for a couple of years and mostly learned by trial and error.

*Note: I purposefully did not blend well on this card, to show WHERE I place my shading colors. Hence the horrid lack of blending on the green laundry, her face, etc. (you can scroll down and find my Anya card, my Gorgjuss Girl/Oooh la la, etc. to see well blended coloring)

Okey dokey...First, let's discuss the stamping. You will need a non-bleeding ink pad for the stamping. I use Memento Tuxedo Black. I have tried many ink pads, and this bleeds the least, IMHO. Still, be sure to let it dry VERY WELL before you start coloring.

Next, let's talk "starter colors", those markers you need when you are just starting out.
To a large degree this depends on what type of stamps you tend to color (* ie., people, flowers/landscapes, animals etc.).
I like to color anything and everything, so I have every Sketch marker, but I worked up to that. Even with owning every color, I still find myself using many of the same markers over and over. (I will list them below, but please read through this)

I use the brush tip more than 95% of the time.

For "people" (as shown here and elsewhere in my blog), you will need skin-tones and hair colors --these are markers I tend to use a LOT. Also, denim color markers for their pants. (I will make lists of numbers, dont worry)

For skin: Depending on whether she (or he...from here on out I will say 'she' meaning either gender) is tan (summertime people in bathing suits for example, or people of a darker skin tone), or if she is fair, will depend on which colors you will use.

My most frequently used skin tones (from light to dark) are:
EOOO (pale fruit pink); EOO (skin white); E02 (fruit pink) ...and for darker skin tones I like to add *E33 (sand) or *E34(Orientale)-- (*which I also use in brunette hair, shoes, and wood, and ground a lot!...E33 or E34 are well used markers for only need one or the other, not both, since they are very close in number/color)-- for rosy cheeks I like R20 (blush)

I start with the lightest color and do the entire area. Then take your darker shade and do the "shading", where there would naturally be shadows (under the hairline, under the chin/neck, the folds of the arms and legs etc. (see girl above *hopefully you can click on the photos and see them up close/larger.) Then go back with the lighter shade (or middle shade if you use 3-4 colors, as I usually do. But this isnt neccessary...2 colors: a lighter and a darker is totally fine, and the best way to start) and blend the shading into the lighter area. You can keep going back over and over, darker and lighter, until you gt it just the way you like it. This is where practicing is crucial...and fun.

My most used colors for HAIR:

Brunette: E33 or e34 as my base, then E37 (sepia) , E09 (burnt sienna--especially for an auburn shade, also for auburn I like to add E08), and E47 (dark brown) (I have a dark brunette girl under titled post Oooh La la--one of my first posts)

Blondes/highlights (for highlighted blondes make it streakier/ Anya in another post a couple weeks ago shows a streaky blonde): Y000 (pale lemon) as my base, then y21 (buttercup yellow) and E33 or E34 (yep, again, see this is a MUST HAVE color!)

Pitch black hair (and metals): (this can be the trickiest, so look for video tutorials on YT...and wait to get these markers unless you plan to color a lot of Asain hair, as they are really the only ones with BLACK hair--or if you plan to color a lot of wrought iron metal, or silver-ish stuff like galvanized metal looking watering cans etc. then these colors come in handy--an example of this is on my bird cage w/ veranda paper card below) (except you will want 110 Special Black, and the lightest grey, which I LOVE Co Cool Grey No. 0 --I use this to trace around my images as it makes them pop off the white CS, or for shadows) So, you will want the full range of greys, skipping every-ther number...I prefer the cools or nuetrals: start with the afore mentioned C0 or No, then the C or N 3, 5, 7 and then the Special Black. That will serve all your black hair needs and metals. But to start, just use the 0 and the black. Then later, add a middle, like a 3. Last, when you find you need them then add a 5 and 7.

Before I go into more colors I will also show you a tip I persoanlly love to is awesome in person, and gets a big wow everytime. Stamp two images, and fully color your main image. Then figure out what layers you want to add for dimension, aka which parts are in front...and color them on the second image and cut them out. The foam tape them onto the first/main image. (see below and almost all my other cards using copics)

Here I cut out her arms and legs and the front of her slippers...and the knot/bow on her headband, and some laundry. Then I foam dotted them to the first image. In this case I used a bit of white tacky glue to press her hands back down to her face, so her forarms actually bend. It looks great IRL.

(You can also see below where I traced around her image with Cool Grey No. 0.)

Here is the list of OTHER basic markers I use frequently ( aside from what I already listed):

BLUES/ Denim/blue eyes/sky/water (I use the copic airbrush system) in order of my most used:
B21 (baby blue); B97 Night Blue; B000 pale porcelan blue ( also good for tracing around images for a more sky shadow); B12 ice blue; BG01 aqua blue; B69 Stratosphere Blue

Browns/Wood/nature/animal fur etc, the browns used for brunette hair is plenty...esp. E34! (or E33)

Pinks--Reds Most used, in order: R20 (blush); R83 Rose mist; R85 Rose Red; R39 Garnet; R46 Strong Red

Yellows-Oranges: If you have the yellows I use for the blonde hair, you have an awesome start and just need to add a couple of the darker brighter colors ( for flowers, suns, etc): y08 acid yellow; y17 golden yellow and yr07 cadmuim orange will be plenty to start.

(*remember you can mix colors, like a yellow and a red to get an orange)

Greens ( important if you do a lot of flowers/landscapes/nature/trees): You could get by (to start) with just these two of my most used greens ( a light and a dark, whihc you can mix):
YG11 Mignonette ; YG67 moss; ...then fill in with: YG Grass green; G28 Ocean Green( I've never seen an ocean anywhere near this color, but whatever)...then later fill in more w/ G09 and G24

Purples ( really only for flowers and clothes, if you like purple, which I do): start with:a light
BV00 mauve shadow or a BV02 prune; then a middle like V17 amethyst; and a dark like BV08 blue violet.

A couple of red-violets I use a lot are: RV19 red violet; RV69 Peony--great for roses, along witht he previouslyu mentioned pinks/reds.

A couple of other things: the only time I really use the chisel end ( aside from the airbrushing) is when I do the trace around shadowing....and MOST of all when I use the Colorless Blender-see below. (again, this is just what works for may do differently. And I am always open to suggestions/your tips)

The Colorless Blender -0-: This is a misunderstood, perhaps even misnamed , but VERY USEFUL marker. (watch the vidoes!) You do need this, but not to blend. I use it most frequently to "fix" my boo-boo's, when I get color outside the line. I prefer to call it a Color PUSHER. I use the chisel end to 'push" the erroneous color back where it belongs. I also use it as a color add dots or texture to a color.

Okay, that's it for now. I'm a slow typer, so this wiped me out.
I hope it helped. And I am happy to answer any questions.

Colorful Inky Hugs,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Copic Fun/ My Unique Technique of the Week

Hello Friends!
And...Happy Friday!!

How would you like an endless array of colored rhinestones; every color of the rainbow at your disposal?

Did you know that you can use your Copic Markers (or any ALCOHOL-based markers/ink...but most of us have Copic brand, though I know a few of you have the Prisma or Ranger alcohol markers) to color your clear rhinstones?
Yep. In less than a second you can turn any clear rhinestone into any color you wish.

Go from this.... This!

Isnt that awesome?! I know!
The brighter colors show up the best. ( sorry my pix are dark...again, it is raining, so I have no sunlight to help a girl out. I need a light box. Too bad Copics cant make me one of them!) Anyway, I use the brush tip end and just swipe it around the stone once and viola!

I only buy clear, and I can make them match any artwork I wish. So fun.

More artwork coming tomorrow.

**Please scroll down and do the Getting To Know You's fun to get to know each other!

Inky Hugs,


Sunday, January 17, 2010

(Semi Complete) 'Time Flies'/Love 2 pg LO

Hello Friends,
How are you?
It is raining heavily here today, so I am spending time in my craft studio. (of course, the rain isnt helping the lighting of my photos...a girl cant get a break)
Here is my (almost finished) 2-page LO. I still have to tweak a few things I'm not happy with, and I need to take a new photo of my daughter. (the photo of her on page two is from several years ago)
Page One:

Page Two:The wings are made of vellum and painted with Pearl Paint, but you cant tell that by my lousy photos. Sorry. It's too dark because of the rain. And the words above the winged clock/heart say: Time Flies. I think you can click on the photos and see it larger.

Make it a wonderful weekend,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Showing Some Button Love

Hello Friends.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

My daughter is a teenager now, but I'm just now getting around to scrapping these photos. (I have larger prints from this photo shoot framed and hung, but I never scrapped the proofs.) But, I kind of like how that worked out, because the second page of this 2-pg LO (which is not quite finished, so I havent photographed the 2nd page yet) has a current photo of her...and the overall message is that time flies (hence the clocks)--one minute they are a baby, and the very next minute they are in high school, and you're looking at colleges.

Sadly, the pictures are awful, really awful. I didnt start this 2 pg. LO until after dark, and I dont have a light box. I apologize. BUT, I'll finish the 2nd page tomorrow, and take new photos of them both in the daylight.

What you cant see is that this is using textured CS, and sanded, so it really looks like canvas/fabric and the vintage vibe looks SO much better in person. The "Love" is painted with Pearl Paint, and looks very pretty in person.

Products are all CTMH except the 2 ribbons under the photo.


The buttons are all ctmh, and so are the pearls. (which, as you may have noticed, I LOVE. I hope they put them in the regular line up! I'm running out...yipes.) Buttons have waxy flax as thread.

The LOVE is made using the Rustic Alpha and painted with pearl paint.

The tree and the sentiment below it are from Grown W/ Love Stamp Set.

The clocks are from Make It Count Stamp set

The flower is made the same way as I made the kissing ball ( directions a few posts below)...only I just glued a few of the circles together and then flattened it, and inked it. The papers for the flowers are the same as the kissing ball. ( I made the flower that same day, but just hadnt used it until today)

CS: Vanilla Cream, Bamboo

Ink: Bamboo and Choc.

I guesss that's it. If I forgot anything, just ask.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand, and Getting To Know Each Other...

Hello Sweet Friends.
Happy Friday!
How are you today?

My wish for you this day is that you are happy and healthy and living an inspired, love-filled life, the life you want to live.

Quick Side Note: My heart is breaking for Haiti. Please send good thoughts and prayers for Haiti...and money if you can possibly spare even one dollar. (I gave to the American Red Cross on Wed. morning, but Doctors Without Borders, President Clinton's foundation, and many other reputable places can be found online. Please do your research, as you want to give where ALL your money goes to help them, and not towards fundarising and salaries etc.) My heart is breaking for that poor country and its people.

Okay, Back to our Creative Journeys! I am working on lots of art and decorating today, which I will share with you later today and all through the weekend. I'm in quite the productive artsy mode today!

Right now I want to take a few minutes and answer a fun list of questions I've been asked recently (thank you for the emails and comments!) in hopes that we can all get to know one another better.
I hope YOU will copy and paste these questions and give us YOUR answers in my comments section, and/or link to your site (I havent learned how to do links yet *sheepish grin*, but I am open to directions and learning--hint, hint!) we can all get to know one another and what sparks our creative engines to life.

So here we go!

What is your Scrapbooking/Crafting Style/Tradmark(s)?

Overall I would say vintage/shabby chic/romantic. I like to paper-piece and use of layers. textures and (duh) GLITTER/Glam!

What is your Creative Process?

Hmm...well, we're talking paper art, and if we're talking scrapbooking, then I start with the photos I want to scrap. (unless I have new pretty paper, then I may start w/ the paper and either find pix to match, or take pix to match). I try and make sure my paper and embellies match the photo(s) vibe/feel as well as matching the colors.

If it is a project/home decor project I am usually inspired by a need or seeing something that inspires me, that I want to re-create in my own way.

As for cards, I try and make cards specific to the person I intend to send it to, and the mesage I want to convey. I usually start by pulling the stamps I want to use, then the papers and embellishments.

I rarely use sketches for anything. I usually prefer to just wing it and see where it all takes me. Though, there are exceptions, for sure. I am not above lifting a design, or being blatently inspired by by someones elses work.

Do you listen to music while your papercraft? If so, what is your playlist?

YES! I LOVE music and I usually do listen to music in my studio (or even when I'm cleaning the house, driving or writing) and try to choose music to suit the mood I'm after.

My favorite bands/artists to scrap to right now:

~Owl City (happy, fun, light and creative)
~Regina Spektor (my go-to girl. I heart Regina, she inspires me on so many levels)
~Brand New
~Nina Simone (soul, blues, pain, love, melodic)
~Ella Fitz. (duh, she is full of the awesome)
~Death Cab for Cutie

And these MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS ALWAYS work to inspire creativity in me (you wont be sorry):

*the soundtracks to:

French Kiss (terrible movie, but love the soundtrack);
500 Days of Summer (awesome movie and even more awesome soundtrack);
Once (LOVE THIS MOVIE and their music!)

Favorite tools/supplies?

INK and GLITTER/Stickles...and pretty Paper and Ribbon and Buttons. And sharp scissors.

Favorite Color Combo?

pink and browns; pink and black; white, cream and pink; pink and green...pretty much pink with any other color(s). Aqua blue. The colors of nature.

Tell Us 3 Things/Confessions About You that few people know:

1) I'm a clean freak, but struggle a bit at organizing. (I love a clean house. HATE dirty germy places.)

2) I NEVER wear socks. Not even in the winter. Yuck. They freak me out. (summertime I can be found barefoot, high heels or in flip-flops. Period.) Socks in bed is WAY worse than fingernails down a chalkboard! *shudder*

3) I'm very sentimental and tend to name (and nick-name) everything/objects: cars, appliances, plants, blankets, pretty much anything loved gets a name. Bessie, my vehicle, is part of the family. Brown Betty (brown fleecy blanket) is a favorite. Elizabeth, the trailing gardenia, well, she's pretty and she smells good. I love her.

Other hobbies?

Reading, gardening, traveling (my soul is a french gypsy and/or a surfing beach bum), laying in the sun on the beach, reading about traveling France and living in Paris, photography, etc.. I have a lot of hobbies and interests, so I wont further bore you here.

If you had 3 Wishes (for YOU)?

Aside from world peace, world health, world tolerance, no hungry/suffering children...and also the obvious hitting the lottery for millions? Hmm, I would still really like my aforementioned peace and lack of poverty, sickness and hunger... and my daughter living a joyful, healthy, long life.

But, going with smaller scale/possible wishes I would like to live on the beach again; live in Paris for one year; travel Europe for a several months.

I hope you will play along and let us get to know you too.

Lots of artwork, and decorating my house photos on their way.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Love is in the Air...

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday!! I heart Fridays!! And, I heart YOU!
Today my theme is love. And isnt that a wonderful theme? I have 3 cards to share with you today using copic markers, heat embossing, stamping....and even using up those scraps.

I hope you will spend some time visiting me, I truly love having company, especially lovely artistic, crafty friends like you.

Okay, Card no. 1~ I Heart You is a straight-up lift from the new Feb. Scrapbooks Etc. mag--I didnt do one thing different...except theirs is better. My pink flower and pink background paper is too close in color for my taste; my flower needed to be a darker pink for a bit more contrast. All the products used are CTMH ( green argyle pp is from Sweet Harmony, the pink is from Sugar and Spice) Nothing really to report on this card, it is self explanatory, simple, fast and easy. I just sponged Sweet Leaf ink on to the chipboard.

This next one, my Sending Warm Wishes card, was something I pictured in my mind as soon as I saw the bird nest stamp. I knew I was going to use a cloud and sun, and knew exactly how I wanted it to be. It came out pretty much how I wanted it. I used a lot of Copics (I will list the marker numbers below w/ the supply list), and lots of stickles and glitter. This card was not fast because of the cutting and the coloring, but it was easy & fun...and I just love it. Even though we got a little snow overnight, it makes me feel like spring is in the air, and the sun is shining.

* Remember, as always, you can click on the pictures and see them bigger and all the detail.

You cant tell in these (lousy) pictures, but everything is foam dotted up, so there is tons of dimension. The mushrooms have so many layers and look so good, but I didnt get a close up of it. I thought it would show up. *sigh* And when I finally downloaded them, I was out of daylight. (w/out daylight, my photos are even worse)

Okay, the grass, I used the icicles punch by Martha Stewart! Someone else probably already had that idea, and it may not be new to you, but I've never seen it done before and I felt pretty fancy & brilliant with my a-ha moment to use it upside down. (so dont burst my bubble if it's already been done--he he) And it used a long skinny SCRAP of green paper that I pulled from my trash can at my desk...BONUS! ( which I sponged on more green ink for texture, and to cover the argyle diamonds, since the green paper strip was from sweet harmony paper pack)

I used small pieces of white scrap CS to stamp the branch and bird nest and mushrooms. I colored them in with copic markers, cut them out and popped them up on foam.

Supplies ( all ctmh except the Copics and Stickles--love, LOVE my Stickles!):

I already talked about the grass...moving on...

Blue PP is from TopStitch paper pack
White Daisy CS (scraps)
Branch/Birds: Love You Forever; Cloud: Childhood; Sentiment: TLC

Copics: birds: Booo, B21, R20; Flower: R20, R83, y21; Leaves: YG11, G24, G28; Mushrooms, well, suffice it to say I used LOTS of colors. :o) Branch: E34, E37, E47; Nest: E33, E34, E37, E47

And plenty o'Stickles.

And lastly, a Tri-Fold card using...wait for it...BIRDS... again. I love them. This card didnt turn out as I saw it in my mind, but I know what I dont like and how I would make it better next time to get it the way I had first envisioned it. (I'll probably re-make it over the weekend, but I wont waste your time posting it.)

This is the inside. Sorry about the lousy pictures, I was out of light and using my desk lamp...nice glaring shadows. Oh well. You get the idea.
I used a Sharpie Gold paint pen and a ruler and framed everything in gold. The Somebirdy Loves you Stamps ( can you tell I love it too?) is heat embossed with gold powder.
Choc. CS, Veranda PP's. Copics to color in the stamped image are the same colors as above, except the nest , which I used: E00 and E33
I added the heart which I colored in with R20
No stickles or glitter. Just the gold for sparkle. Kinda sad about that. But it just didnt have a glitter vibe...and that is a rare thing in my world.
Okay, that's it for today.
I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Romantic Paper Kissing Ball for Valentines Day (or Holiday Ornaments) aka Cheryl's Unique Technique of the Week!

Hello Friends!
Are you staying warm and cozy? I hope so.

Please grab a toasty cup of coffee, or tea/hot cocoa and spend some time with me today.

So, I got to thinking (always dangerous)...and this thinking started not because I'm frugal ( nah, I'm totally a spender fo sho), but rather more that I'm so in love, so smitten with pretty , pretty paper, such a hoarder of the prettiest of them (*my precious*, she says in a scary voice with arms wrapped tightly around her precious papers *I likes my precious*)...yeah, so pretty paper and also pretty ribbon (velvet ribbon and lace ribbon makes me swoon and lovely harped music goes off in my head, the angels call to me to BUY)...and I will hang on to the very last tiny scrap of *my precious* good paper.

... (back to the thinking part) I sat in my messy studio today thinking of ways to use all my little scraps and bits of paper that I refuse to throw away. (I throw away scraps of paper I can replace, just so ya know I'm not weird or anything. Well, not that weird anyway. I hope.)

So, using some scraps of papers I like, but can replace, I decided to experiment. (not willig to experiment with the fancy stuff)

I created several unique projects of which I am pleased with the outcome. Today I will share my Kissing Ball/Ornament with you and how to make one for yourself. I hope you like it.

I made this trial one fairly small, and this picture with the Conn. Club Pearls will give some of you an idea to the scale/sixe of my little ornament ball. It is 3" in diameter ( ish).

*( remember to click on the photos to see the up close details)

Ready to Make One? Let's do it!

Supply List:

paper (I know, duh)
circle punch
stylus (to score the circles)
white/clear Tacky Glue
cord/string/ribbon (to hang it)
optional: pearls/rhinstones etc.

(you could even put little triangular photos on it)

I used a 1 1/2" circle punch (you can use any size, in fact, I think a 2" would be perfect) and you will need to punch twenty (20) paper circles to make the ball.

I used four or five different papers ( all ctmh), because those were the scraps I had laying around that I was willing to "ruin" if this didnt work as I planned (I have more and can order more), and I liked these scrap colors together. You could use all one color or just two colors (i.e. red and green for Christmas ornaments), or whatever floats your boat. But 20 is the magic number of circles you will need to punch out.

Then I fiddled (technical term) around a bit and made a fairly decent triangle out of one of the circles (this took a few tries...I am SO not an engineer...I will not lose my little triangle. I hope.), which I then used to trace as a template on to the back side of each circle. Then using my ruler and dry emboss stylus, I scored over the pencil marks. ( you wont have to erase the pencil marks, they wont show)

Then fold your circles on the score lines. ( see photo above)

Then I used an old cheapo (from a kids set) watercolor paintbrush and "painted' the glue on and put it together. I start at the "top" and build around & down. Before you seal the last of the bottom pieces, stick your ribbon/holder thru the top little hole.

It is an easy project.

When it was all put together I dabbed more glue on each "intersection" and added pearls. ( the sticky they come with isnt strong enough to hold onto the thin edges of the paper.)

Oh, the ribbon could have been looped, but I chose to leave it one long piece. (I used a little dab of the glue in its hole to reinforce it)

On a side note, here is a quick (blah) card I made. I dont really like it, and this picture makes me like it even less. But it was fast. The hearts are felt. That's all I have to say about that. (I shouldnt even post it...I will be ripping it apart and using the buttons on something better) But, I figure it's good to let people know that we all make things we dont end up liking. Art is all about experimenting.

Creative Blessings to you,