Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Week's Inspiration Challenge...Happy Tuesday!

Oh Hello Gorgeous Friends,

How art (ART, get it?) thou? (I know, I know, my humor...FAIL)
I do hope you are doing well, happy.
Happy February. A month to celebrate love.

My love note to you:

My LOVE LETTER to YOU: THANK YOU!!! With only a few posts under my belt, and as a new blogger (and not tech savvy at all), I feel very honored and beyond grateful to have so many Visitors (from all over the world. It is so beautiful how blogging makes this planet small and neighborly) and lovely Followers. Really, you 'guys' are full of the awesome. Thank you...and much love.

Shall we talk about This Weeks Creative INSPIRATION Challenge? Yes? Okay!
Let's get to it.


Okay... interpret as you wish, into whatever you wish.

**Click on the small, lower collage to see it bigger...for some reason I couldnt get it to post big.
I WANT THAT UMBRELLA...any suggestions?
AND, how awesome is that pink room with the script/writing on the walls?
I kinda wanna do it!!
(can I just tell you how much I love those pink heels...and the umbrella? Swoon! *sigh*)

I will post my interpretation later this evening.
First I need to grocery shop and other non-glam chores and errands.
I think I will buy some pink flowers at the grocery store for my studio.
Then I will hit my studio.
And create!

I hope you will play along with me, and share your creation(s) with us!
*Just post a link to your blog/creation in my comments section.

Please feel free to use the below Inspiration if your prefer (the lovely Tiffany ad)...
or do both!

See you soon,

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