Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day, and CraftRoom Love

Happy Valentines Day!
I hope you are having a lovely and loving day today.

Please grab yourself a cup of something yummy like this (above)...or this (below), and spend a little time with me drooling over these delightful, yummy and oh-so-inspiring craft rooms.

Ready? Okay, let's ooh and ahhh...
and be inspired.

This first one, from BHG makes me weak in the knees. I swoon and sigh with love every time I look at it.
It's romantic and cozy, yes?

This one, well, I guess you can see I like a 'shabby chic' look, especially for a craft's feminine, elegant, yet comfortable and not prissy or can get it messy and inky and it's okay...part of the charm even.

This colorful gem, is my total, without a doubt FAVE, so the pink and turquoise, love the vintage look...just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
It is Heather Bailey's craft room, and her blog is yummy too!

This is a cleaner, more streamlined look from MakingMemories @ typepad

Here's a little collage of craft room goodness from Flickr:

How about this cute little closet/nook for your sewing spot?
Love the pretty fabrics out on display like this.

or this little closet sewing nook is nice too...

How about this storage cuteness? I love its vintage vibe and organizing ability for storing notions and such that these vintage suitcases provide, don't you?

Who doesn't love a french tiered wire basket for storing our goodies with style?

How about this magical way to store your glitter...
(though I would glitter up and cute-ify that tag a bit more...just sayin')

On this note, I shall poof out of here with my fairy wand and bid you a most magical Valentines evening.

What are YOUR favorite parts of your craftroom? What do you still want to do with yours?

xo ~Cheryl (all photo's/images are from Country Living except where noted)


  1. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful craft rooms photos! Great ideas!

  2. Oh, my pleasure Dawn.
    Thank YOU for spending time with me, and for your thoughtful comment.

    (i have SO many photos in my 'inspiration' file [thousands]...and at least 30-40 more of them, besides these from today's post, are craft room inspiration photos. love to collect ideas.)