Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Fair Weathered Fickle Fairy

Have you ever had a vision in your mind of the project you wanted to create ...and NOTHING went as planned? ( usually when that happens it ends up as happy accidents for me and I am pleased with the end product ...not today) Today I decided I wanted to make a paper moon to go with my blog name. I had this old moon stamp ( from SU!) and some no-name fairy stamp that I hadnt ever used before....hmmm, she might be cute. Anyway, I had this ethereal, magical, lovely picture in my head how this was going to turn out. However, nothing I tried made me happy. The cloud looks more like a snow hill. She didnt come out nice at all...even the moon didnt turn out all glowy like I invisioned. So, I wasnt going to post it, but then I figured it is good to see that we all have craptastic results sometimes, but the fun is in the journey. I have a few ideas to try some other time, but I dont want to look at that moon or fickle fairy stamp for a while.

All the products are CTMH, except the stamps ( brands mentioned above), the Stickles, and the fabric Believe Your Dreams sticker ( which is Disney).
On an up note, I got quite a bit done on my magical Christmas project today. But I am waiting for something to arrive, hopefully it will come tomorrow so I can finish it and post it.
What I listened to while I got inky today ( happy music that I love):
-'Fireflies' by Owl City
-'Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop' by Landon Pigg ( unfortunate last name, yes, but I am soo smitten with his music)
-Regina Spektor
Thanks so much for visiting.
Inky, glittery hugs,

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